Friendship pebble art

Couple pebble art of friends, lovers or family members. Couple figurine and rock art in one framed painting. Romantic sculpture painting for a couple.

Family of two pebble artwork representation on an 9x9 inches paper in a 10x10 inches (25 x 25 cm) light brown (see the second photo) frame with white mat. 

Original framed couple painting is a great gift idea for wedding or housewarming present.

I named it "Friendship Pebble Art".

Each picture in our ‘Pebble Collection’ has been hand crafted and mounted making no two pieces the same and stone/slate color and shape will vary each creating a 'one of a kind keepsake' only adding further to it's charm and beauty.

I cannot supply exact images.

This unique and beautiful piece of art has been made using pebbles and driftwood that I have collected by myself. 

This would make a great gift for a special friend!

Pebbles and driftwood hand selected from the beaches around the World. 
Moon shaped wood to represent the moon. 

The frame can be free standing or wall hung.

This unique piece of art will make wonderful decoration for any home!