Put on your positive pants

It's time to put on your positive pants and spread a little positivity! Whether for your own pin badge collection, a gift for a friend, or to cheer up your team at work, these pants of positivity will always raise a smile. 

A fun green and light pink handmade pin, perfect for any pin collection. The good things motivational wood lapel pin. 

Do you need a positive sign? Then here it is. A proper cute wood pin to add to your collection or wear every day, to help everyone else find their positive sign.

This brooch measures about 1.4 inch (3.4 cm).

Comes with a white backboard with my logo.

It's also a great little gift or stocking filler, perhaps for someone who needs a little luck, the aspiring lotto winner, or one who’s had a good run and hopes it’ll continue.

By buying this item you're genuinely supporting a small, homemade business - thank you!